Sunday, November 15, 2020

Turn Class into a Social Gaming Experience with 99Math

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During this time of social distancing and remote learning, a social gaming platform that connects students through academic content is a win all around. 99math is a social gaming platform for the whole class to bring students together and accelerate results. 

And best of all? 99math is totally FREE! Want to try it? Sign up here to get started.

99math generates the content, teachers just have to choose the topic they want to practice and no time is spent on preparation. Setting up the game and playing with students takes only 5 minutes from the lesson! Watch the video below to see 99math in action.

Here are 9 reasons to try 99math with your class:

1. It's FREE! 

99 math is free to you and your students. Use this link to sign up and get started playing with your class.

2.  Gameplay elements keep kids engaged.

Leaderboards, badges, and other game design elements are fine-tuned to get kids eager to advance.

3. Playing with friends turns math into a social gaming experience. 

Students can play with classmates, friends or other students across the world.

4.  No need to create the games. Just play!

99math has already generated the content, teachers just have to choose the topic they want to practice and no time is spent on preparation.

5. Designed for elementary and middle school students.

 The platform is designed for K-8th grade teachers based on their curriculum.

6. Great option for remote learning!

The nature of the online gaming platform makes it perfect for remote learning. 

7. EASY to set up.

Set up takes only 5 minutes.

8. Analyze results.

Powerful insights help teachers analyze students’ results and track progress to understand what needs focus.

9. Play at any level.

99math is designed for students at any skill level.

Let's play!

99math, the social gaming platform that makes students excited about math and gets them to progress fast - is launching in the U.S! Watch the launch video below to learn more. Ready to get started? Visit sign up and start bringing the fun of a social gaming experience to your math lessons!

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