Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Five Totally FREE Ways You Can DITCH That Textbook!

DITCH That Textbook made its Amazon debut on April 13, 2015 and right away that bright yellow trash can cover had us hooked! I bought my first copy on May 2, 2015 and officially became a DITCHer. I connected with Matt Miller on Twitter and was totally starstruck. He was the first author I had ever actually talked (well, tweeted) to and I thought it was so cool that he was out there connecting with his readers. Since then I have become a proud member of Team #DITCHbook and love to share all the awesome that Ditch that Textbook has to offer!

Although I HIGHLY recommend buying a copy of DITCH That Textbook, there are some totally awesome FREE ways to revolutionize your teaching by making it Different, Innovative, Tech-laden, Creative and Hands-on. Here are five totally free ways to DITCH.

1. Register for the Ditch that Textbook Digital Summit. A completely FREE online conference happening THIS December featuring nine presentations from incredible educators who are doing and sharing amazing things. Session presenters include Dave Burgess, Alice Keeler, Lisa Highfill, Sarah Landis, Kelly Hilton, Kasey Bell and TONS more! Check out the video below to learn more and visit the link above to get your ticket.

2. Matt's blog is chock full of incredible resources, ideas, tips and links that he shares at ditchthattextbook.com! Subscribe to his blog (click here) so that you get all of his resources delivered right to your inbox.

3. If you are on Twitter join us for Ditchbook chat every Thursday evening from 7-7:30PM PST. Follow Matt and the #Ditchbook hashtag on Twitter to find out the topic and moderator and to join the conversation! 

4. Download Matt's FREE ebooks 101 Practical Ways to Ditch that Textbook and "The Digital Pirate," Tech and Pirate Teaching. Two awesome ebooks that offer tons of great ideas for integrating technology, using PIRATE hooks and bringing the DITCH mindset into your lesson plans.


5. Subscribe to Ditch That Textbook on YouTube. Lots of great how-to videos and information from Matt and other awesome educators. Check out this one about creating infographics with Google Drawings!

Looking forward to DITCHing with you!