Thursday, February 8, 2018

Take Off with Flipgrid's Newest Feature: CoPilots!

This is a collaborative post written with the incredible Sean Fahey. Sean is a Level 2 Flipgrid Certified Educator and a Flipgrid Ambassador. He is currently a 6th grade math teacher at Throop Elementary School in Paoli, Indiana. Sean is a proponent for replacing the traditional lecture, worksheet, and textbook method of delivering instruction and strives to bring unique learning experiences to his students.You can follow him on Twitter @SEANJFAHEY and check out his blog

Flipgrid has added new features to their product once again and this time it makes us all BETTER TOGETHER. We were able to test out this new feature before the release and the beauty of it is, it's so simple, yet so powerful!

Now, Flipgrid Classroom educators  (yes, this mean paid version) will have the power to connect, amplify, and CoPilot Grids together! Don’t worry, ALL Flipgrid users can be added as a CoPilot. The rules of this new CoPilots feature are simple: CoPilots can do pretty much everything the Grid Owner can do (add Topics, give video and text feedback, moderate responses, etc) with one exception - CoPilots cannot delete the Grid.

With the addition of CoPilots to Flipgrid, it creates new opportunities for asynchronously connecting classrooms across your school, district, professional learning network, or the world on shared Topics with BOTH (or multiple) educators in control of the discussion.

We have put together the 2nd edition of the Educator’s Guide to Flipgrid FREE ebook to share with teachers who are looking to utilize Flipgrid to its full potential.  Below you will see our CoPilots page that gives you the FULL 411 on this awesome new feature. Want the full eBook? Of course you do! Check it out at

So how can you take advantage of having a CoPilot to a grid? Well first off it takes the load off a single Grid creator to manage all the Topics and responses that may be added. Here are just five ideas to help you take off with Flipgrid CoPilots!

  • School wide Grids. Flipgrid can be leveraged to allow a school to share all the amazing things students do with their learning with all stakeholders. Create a Grid and add Coaches, Teachers, & Admins so they can add topics, moderate responses. This grid could even be embedded on a school’s website!
  • All classes connect. For example, imagine Kindergarten, 4th grade, 7th grade ELA, or 10th grade History classes all connected across a building or district. Teachers of the same grade level or subject can CoPilot a grid together to connect ALL students to share their learning & maybe even teach each other.
  • Use the Flipgrid Connections feature, then add a CoPilot.  The Connections feature allows you to share a Grid with other Flipgrid using educators to easily receive a global audience. Once a connection is made, you may want to become virtual pen pals and bring your students together like never before. Both teachers can CoPilot the Grid and moderate when needed!
  • Participate in global education events. The CoPilot feature now allows teachers to connect their classes  without the hassle of figuring out time zones and lining u        . Some great ones include: Global Read Aloud, World Reading Day, Hour of Code, Global Play Day and LOADS more!
  • Video yearbook using Flipgrid. All you’d need to do is set up a grid at the beginning of the school year and add your CoPilots. This could be yearbook staff, teachers, or administrators.  Topics are added throughout the year for students to respond to. These responses should be moderated to make sure content is appropriate so having CoPilots would be extremely helpful to approve a large volume of responses.

But wait! I don’t have Flipgrid Classroom??? 😭  Don’t worry we’ve got you covered there 👍

So are you ready to take flight with the new Co-Pilots feature? Awesome. Enjoy!