Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Top 10 ISTE tips (plus resources from the pros)

ISTE 2019 is FAST approaching and since this is my very first ISTE experience it made sense to turn to the pros (my Twitter PLN) for advice. I posted the tweet below hoping to see what conference veterans and 1st timers like me had to say.

As always the amazing Twitter community came out in full force with incredible tips, tricks, tools, advice, and resources. Be sure to take a look at the entire thread and follow these generous educators who took the time to share their tips and resources. 

Below you will find 10 terrific ISTE tips from other educators along with 5 incredible resources shared across the Twittersphere. 

These tips have been a huge help to me as I plan for the conference and hopefully they will help you too! 

10 Terrific ISTE Tips

*Note these are just some of the amazing responses from educators sharing their ISTE expertise with us. Be sure to check out the entire thread along with the #ISTE19 hashtag to connect with more!

1. Wear comfortable shoes. ISTE is HUGE and you will be walking a lot! Be sure your footwear is up to the challenge.

2. Make a plan. Download the app (Apple Store/Google Play) to plan your conference experience. Check out the tips from Nadine and Steve in the resources below for the best ways to filter and search. 

3. Make a back-up plan. Your first choice (or your second choice) sessions might be filled up. Have a plan B and C and D.

4. Be flexible. Your back-up, back-up plan might not work out and that's OK! Some of the most exciting takeaways attendees have shared come from the impromptu meetings they had in the hallways!

5. Connect with your PLN. This is what I am most excited about! Matt Miller describes it as feeling like his "whole Twitter feed is in this hallway". Take the time to seek people out and meet up in real life!

6. Bring an extra charger. This is just good advice. Pack one or two extra chargers for your phone, you're gonna need it!

7. Allow time between sessions. Sometimes we forget that we can't teleport ourselves from place to place. Be sure to schedule yourself some walk and wait time. Or even some recharge and refuel time!

8. Bring snacks and water. This is one I might have not even thought about. Snacks are a must and all of that walking and talking and learning will need some fuel! You don't want to have to wait in any MORE lines than necessary.

9. Check out the meet-ups. There are some VERY cool meet-ups and social events happening at ISTE19. Be sure to check them out and get your tickets if you need them!

10. Visit the city. No, the ISTE conference ISN'T the only thing in Philly (although it will probably seem like it!). Be sure to take advantage of the sites while you're there.

5 Fantastic Resources from the Pros

Nadine Gilkison, an ISTE veteran and presenter, put together this Google Doc goldmine of ISTE tips for 1st timers and those returning. She has some great tips on planning ahead and selecting sessions. Also, take note of her session "Picture This! Kids applying Digital Citizenship in the Real World"

This post, written by Steve Wick, is chock-full of incredible resources plus links to presenter suggestions with links to their session information. Steve is also facilitating some sessions at ISTE so be sure to stop by and see him.

Lisa Whiston shares some excellent tips in this post. She includes tips on what to pack, a bit about the dress code and ideas for documenting and sharing your learning. The post is from #ISTE15 but the tips still apply.

Check out this great tip and resource from Susie (@engagethemiddle) about the BYOD sessions. She shares a GIF that shows how to find and register for them.

Looking for even MORE resources? Check out Laura Cahill's Prepping for #ISTE19 Wakelet collection. I am SURE she will add more as the conference nears.

Good luck with your ISTE planning and hopefully I will see you there!

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