Thursday, August 10, 2017

Meet the All NEW Flipgrid! 10+ Must Try Ideas for Using These Updates With Your Class

The edtech world has caught a serious case of #FlipgridFever 🔥 On August 10th Flipgrid Founder Charlie Miller announced that more than 100,000 educators and more than 5,000,000 students use Flipgrid across 141 countries (watch the live stream of the launch event). In addition, a new Flipgrid video was shared every .48 seconds of every minute of every day since Jan 1 of 2017. Today more than 1.2 billion seconds of video have been shared by students and educators on Flipgrid, representing more than 38 years of student voice.

Flipgrid knows what kids and teachers love and they have added some awesome features to take the best parts of other apps like Instagram and Snapchat and added them in a safe environment (you can control all of these options in the admin console) while keeping all of the fun! There is a sleeker and even MORE user friendly admin side. Check it out for yourself! The admin console has gotten a major makeover. In true Flipgrid form emojis have been added for extra fun and engagement. You are going to FLIP out over these updates and what’s even more incredible is that ALL of these features are available to the FREE Flipgrid One account users!

I know you have been kept in suspense long enough so I won’t make you wait any longer. So let me introduce you to the all NEW Flipgrid! Check out these incredible updates and ideas for using them in your classroom!

1. Who doesn’t love stickers? Students (and adults) will love the new ability to express themselves by adding a stickers to their selfie. Have your students use stickers to  label their videos into genres or even express mood with emoji stickers.

2. What!!! You can DRAW on your selfie too? In addition to adding stickers kids can also draw on their snapped selfie to add a little creativity to give a sneak peek into what their video might be about.

3. Videos can now have titles added which not only gives the viewer an idea of what the video is about but also gives students the opportunity to use their creative writing skills to come up with a good title that will hook the viewer in and get them watching their video! You can also add hashtags to videos to make them searchable.

4. Camera flip! You can now flip your camera around while recording. Think of all the possibilities for students to show their work or art or model or ??? while they are explaining and sharing their thinking.

5. OK get ready for this one. Are you ready??? Are you sure, because this is HUGE. FILE LINKS! Nope, you aren’t dreaming. Students can now now add files links to your videos which give students the opportunity to share their thoughts about a project. Incredibly engaging digital portfolios. CHECK!

6. Supercharged stimulation! You thought it was amazing before to be able to add your own video file or YouTube video? Well check THIS out! You can still upload or record your own video but now you can add Vimeo (and YouTube), upload and image, add a GIF or even and emoji to engage your students. Use an emoji to teach concepts like mood and tone. Check out Edutopia’s article Using Emojis to Teach Critical Reading Skills for more ideas.

7. Holy HyperDocs integration! Prompts can pack an even bigger punch with the ability to attach any file, document or website in your topic. Attach a HyperDoc and allow students to reflect at different parts of a lesson or unit. Check out Flipgrid and HyperDocs! Amplifying student voice in purposeful lesson design for more ideas.

8. You asked for it and they delivered, BIG TIME. Flipgrid now give ALL users (even Flipgrid One accounts) the option to provide PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK for your students. Right from the teacher admin you can click next to your students videos and provide written feedback and even give them a score on a performance and ideas rubric.ALL Flipgrid educators can now provide feedback to their students. Flipgrid Classroom users can even upload their own custom scoring rubric!

9. Click on your Dashboard to see your total engagement time across all of your grids and Flipgrid will give you an Engagement Fun Fact to go with it. Have a flipgrid account you only use with your class? Share this with your student to put their response time into context. You might just sneak a little extra learning in too 😉  A little fun fact of my own, you can even Tweet it right from your dashboard!
10. Student privacy is important and so is family communication and that’s why can now generate a private link to share a video with your students’ families or even the community without linking back to the topic and grid it was recorded in. Create a hidden topic and use the new feature to generate a private link to share with your parents to communicate with families while ensuring that other students and parents can’t access the videos from your grid.

11. Now you can do more than just like a video you can react to it! Add these emoji reactions for more fun. You can use them for voting or assign a meaning to each so that students can give each other feedback on their videos in a fun and easy way. Teachers can off the 5 reactions and just keep the likes or turn them on for added engagement.

The BEST thing about the all NEW Flipgrid is that along with all of these amazing new updates they have kept all of the wonderful features you have come to know and love. Students can still respond using ANY device, sharing topics and grids is as simple as a code or link and teachers have full control with moderating features. These are just some of the incredible updates. Visit or to see all of the ways Flipgrid has made their already amazing product even more incredible. And we thought Flipgrid couldn’t get any better!

Ready to get started? If you already have a Flipgrid account your new updates will be there as soon as you log on! Don’t have a Flipgrid account yet? Go to to sign up for your free account. You can use promo code KARLYMOURA to upgrade to Flipgrid Classroom until September 30th.


  1. Thanks for sharing this post! I clearly need to start using Flipgrid myself more!

    1. You are very welcome! It was wonderful before and it is even more amazing now =) Please let me know if you need any support or help using it. I'm happy to help!

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