Friday, January 8, 2016

Insert a GIF into a Google Doc or Slide

I was asked by a teacher at my site to help her students "jazz" up their Google Slides presentations on biomes. While reading up on the cool ways to use Google Slides I found out that you can insert a GIF into a slide! I didn't know you could do that so I tried on a Google Doc and it worked there too! You may already know how to do this but if not here's how.

1. Record your GIF or find one that you want to use. 

Alice Keeler has an extremely helpful blog post called How to Use Snagit to Create Animated GIFs . That is how I learned to make them and found out how easy it is! Remember, they must be under 20 seconds and that's harder than you think it might be.

2.  Grab the link to the GIF URL. 

  • If it is in your drive click on the .gif file then click on the "link" icon to copy your link.

  • If you are getting your GIF from a site like you will need to click "advanced" and copy the GIF download URL. 

3. Go back to your Google Doc or Slide.  
  • Click "insert" then scroll down to "image"
  • Insert image "By URL"
  • Paste GIF URL 

Easy peasy! You now have an animated GIF in your Google Doc or Slide!

Ideas for using this handy little trick:
  • Add even MORE pizazz to your hyperdoc with an animated GIF. Check out Tips for Creating Your Own Hyperdoc by Lisa Highfill 
  • Multiply yourself by inserting an animated "how to" GIF directly into a Google Doc or slide to give students directions.
  • Give students one line to a story, have them make a GIF to tell their part then put them all together in one slides presentation.
  • Make your own presentation pop with a funny GIF on the opening slide.
  • Use any of these 8 Interactive Google Slides Activities for Classroom Excitement by Matt Miller and an animated GIF!
  • Insert animated GIFs into your blog post, like I did here =)
Do you use GIFs in your Google Docs or Slides? Share your awesome ideas in the comments below.

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