Thursday, September 24, 2015

15 Fabulous Google Apps For Education Tips, Tricks and Resources You Can Use TOMORROW!

On September 21st I moderated #TOSAChat for the first time. It was a fast paced, high energy, fantastic chat all about Google Apps for Education (GAFE) so I figured I would keep the momentum going and follow it up with my very first blog post. 

Matt Miller (@jmattmiller) has been blogging about the resources shared in #DITCHBook chat so, with his permission of course, I decided to take that idea and blog about the awesome that was shared by the fabulous TOSAs in #TOSAChat. For the full chat you can check out the storify here

#TOSAChat Fabulous 15 
GAFE Tips, Tricks and Resources

1. Jason Bretzmann (@jbretzmann) shared the idea to use the PLAYDATE philosophy to guide us as we roll out GAFE. You can learn more about PLAYDATE on their website here and even request a DIY PLAYDATE kit!

2. Ann Kozma (@annkozma723) shared a resource from the fabulous go-to GAFE guru Kasey Bell (@shakeuplearning). Check out Kasey's "Choose Your Own Google Adventure with Google Drive" made with ThingLink. You can choose from three levels, "New to the Goo", "Ready for More Goo", and "Advanced Goo". Each level gives you a chance to learn more about Google Drive, provides lesson ideas and provides a challenge activity. 

3. The amazing Matt Miller himself joined us for #TOSAChat and shared his awesome with a link to his blog post "10 Google Slides Activities to Add Awesome to Classes". Here he shares tons of great ideas for using Google Slides complete with links to videos, websites and other resources to get Googley with Slides! 

4. Joe Young (@Jyoung1219) encouraged those who are familiar with GAFE and ready for a challenge to blog about it (blogger is an easy to use GAFE tool) and attend a GAFE summit. A list of Global Summits featuring Google for Education can be found here. Getting certified is another great way to continue to learn as a GAFE Guru. Visit the Google For Edu Training Center to learn more about Google For Edu's training and certification programs.

5. The great GAFE Guru Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler) also jumped into #TOSAChat and shared her "5 Google Docs Challenges" as an example of how to use Google Slides to give teachers information. The presentation includes GIFs in addition to text for each challenge in Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms and Drawing! 

6. Craig Yen (@CraigYen) shared a link to Jerry Blumengarten's (@cybraryman1Google Apps page which includes a simple list of links to fabulous resources like "Better GAFE than Sorry: 10 Quick Ways to Leverage Google Apps for Education in Your School" by Jennie Magiera (@MsMagiera). It is definitely a site worth checking out!

7. Kelly Martin (@kmartintahoe) recommended following Kasey Bell, Alice Keeler, Kyle Pace (@KylePace) and the Google Apps updates blog to keep up with the latest on GAFE.

8. Scott Padway (@ScottPadway) recommended checking out the FABULOUS Google Edu On Air Conference which was held this past May. It is chock FULL of incredible GAFEtastic webinars including sessions like Extreme Pedagogy Makeover Using Multimedia Text Sets and Hyperdocs by Lisa Highfill (@lhighfill), Ditching That Textbook with GAFE by Matt Miller, The Best of Both Worlds: Google Apps for the iPad by Kasey Bell and many, many more!

9. Renee Costarella (@ReneeCostarella) gave a shout out to Eric Curts' (@EricCurtsBig List of Google Resources. Check out his sample interactive story "Dragon Quest", Comic Strip example, and Jeopardy template all using Google Slides! 

10. Ben Cogswell (@cogswell_ben) was spreading the love of #hyperdocs (he may love them almost as much as I do) with a link to Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton (@kellyihilton) and Sarah Landis' (@sarahlandis) hyperdoc website.

11. Ryan O'Donnell (@creativeedtech) shared a whole FOLDER full of magazine templates including this fabulous TIME magazine template created on Slides to get teachers started with a lesson idea. It includes help text and gives teachers a great example of what you can do with Slides! 

12. Ann Kozma hit us with another awesome resource when she shared this video she made for teachers called "How to Make a Basic Google Form".  She includes helpful screenshots as well as text in her video to make it even more user friendly!

13. My Maps is another great GAFE tool that doesn't get nearly enough attention. Scott Padway gave us the great idea to Use Maps to Create a Visual Collection of Student Work on his and Lisa Highfill's blog. Check out their blog for lots more GAFE ideas!

14. 140 characters was not enough to convey the awesome hyperdoc that Lisa Guardino (@LisaGuardino) shared with us. An excellent and creative twist on a student tech team, this doc takes you through the steps to a become a Genius so students can run a Genius Bar at your school!

15. Ari (@EdTechAri) gave us a link to her presentation on creating and inserting GIFs into Google Docs or Slides using SnagIt.  GIFs are a great way to add small visual instructions into your doc or presentation.

These are just 15 out of the many, many fantastic ideas shared. Check out  #TOSAChat and #GAFE to see even more amazing ideas shared on twitter! Do you have any great GAFE tips, tricks and resources? Please post them and share the awesome with us too!

#TOSAChat was started by Ben Cogswell (@Cogswell_ben), Joe Young (@Jyoung1219), Kelly Martin (@kmartintahoe) and myself as a way for Teachers On Special Assignment to connect, share and grow together. You can catch it at 8PM PST on Monday nights.

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